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Whats New About Booth Rental?

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Whats New About Booth Rental?

Postby chris the limey » 21 Jul 2007 08:27 pm

Booth rental has changed. It used to be perceived as a very negative situation; conjuring up visions of owners renting chairs, avoiding payroll taxes, trying to save a failing business. That was then and this is now! Things have changed for booth rental salons and the future is looking much brighter!

Booth rental today has been legitimized; it\'s taken on a new shape and a new respectability. Take a look around, in states like Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Florida and Ohio; salon owners and
private investors are opening beauty malls with personal mini-salons under one roof. Salons designed along the lines of professional buildings with suites specifically fitted out for the beauty professional. Run and managed with a landlord/tenant philosophy and a far cry from the booth rental of yesterday. Beauty professionals are operating their own one or two person private salons, with shared bathrooms, dispensary, client seating areas and laundry rooms. Plus, services such as housekeeping, maintenance and occasionally appointment taking, shampooing and professional retail product added to the package, make the beauty mall a new and exciting concept in our industry today.

Ohio leading the way
It\'s interesting to note that Ohio is leading the way by formally recognizing the booth renter, changing their title and officially licensing them as an \"independent contractor\". In addition Ohio added an \"independent\" \"to their state board of cosmetology, further legitimizing and recognizing the category.

Not only has the beauty mall concept legitimized booth rental and given many successful beauty professionals the opportunity to go out on their own with less risk and more support than opening their own large salon. It has also changed the direction of the beauty industry.

Steve Thompson, president of the Ohio independent cosmetologists and barbers association (O.I.c.B.a.) tells us \"nationally more beauty professionals are independent than are employed. In fact it appears the number of beauty professionals that are self employed is now close to 60%\".

Layna bower owner of Layna\'s hair corral in north canton Ohio said \"I like the independence to set my own hours and choose my own products. I also like the fact that I don\'t have employees or a boss and the camaraderie is just great\".

Erin Duplain owns Erin\'s Euphoria in north canton, Ohio who feels: \"it\'s great to be my own boss and set my own schedule. I love the professionalism and the privacy and my clients really enjoy talking directly with me when they want to make an appointment\"

Carrie miller started c.m. hair design in stark county, Ohio five years ago when she made the move from an employee on commission to a beauty mall and independence states, \" I really enjoy the fact that I make lots more money and I truly love the professionalism, privacy and flexibility that just wasn\'t there when I worked for someone\"

So, booth rental has evolved and salon suites pioneered the change in 1992 when the company was founded. Their location at 6105 Whipple Ave. N.W. Opened with 26 suites in 1994 the manner in which it\'s operating and presenting itself is refreshing and giving new hope to people who want to grow and have not had the opportunity to do so in an affordable, professional and exciting way until now.

* A landlord/tenant philosophy is the opposite of a manager/employee approach. As a landlord you are not an employer and cannot manage the tenant. A manager/employee relationship allows you to establish expectations and manage the employee.

Robert Costa is president of salon suites, Ohio and salon solutions, and consultants to the beauty industry.

You can reach Robert at (440) 892-7869 or e-mail: salonsusa@AOL.ComThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and online at
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