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3 Day Workshop in Connectciut : Salon Business Articles
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3 Day Workshop in Connectciut

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3 Day Workshop in Connectciut

Postby hairstalent » 24 Jan 2012 09:07 pm

Hello fellow stylists!! I've been in the business since 1985 and have been a stylist since 1976 and within the last few years have been trying to incorporate the online world into my business. Hopefully connecting with other stylists will not only help me continue to grow in my field but maybe I just might help others as well. I've started holding seminars on Healthy Ethnic Hair Care & Thermal Reconditioning and really enjoy teaching.Please read information below on my next class.
Gina Rivera’s
3rd Annual Seminar on
Healthy Hair Care & Thermal Reconditioning for Ethnic Hair

You are cordially invited to attend the 3rd Annual Seminar held by Gina Rivera- business owner of 27 yrs and leading expert on Ethnic Hair & Thermal Reconditioning (a.k.a. Japanese Straightening)

I attended Gina's inaugural Thermal Reconditioning for African American Hair Training Seminar. It was an intensive three days that contained a wealth of information that I could not have learned anywhere else. Gina is the leading expert in this specialty service and the information she shares is invaluable. The information I learned from her class has definitely helped me to avoid making some of the trail and error mistakes that Gina had to go through in developing her technique for African american Hair . Do yourself a big Favor and get into this class!
Leonard Harada
Accents Color and Hair salon
Riverside, Ca
951 274 9255

Seminar Details
March 25th- March 27th

Hair’s Talent Salon
30 Main St.
East Haven, CT 06512
Ask For Wendy
(203) 466-1246
Transportation and accommodations are easily available.

Note: We encourage you to invite a model of your own. This is a definite way to begin building your clientele base for Thermal Reconditioning.

Topics covered in package:

Introduction: The “Hair’s Talent Way”
Healthy Ethnic Hair Care
The Importance of Customer Service
The Importance of Consultations
The Importance of Product Knowledge
How to Properly Shampoo Hair
How to Properly Blow-Dry and Flat Iron Hair
How to Properly Execute a Hair Protein treatment
Thermal Reconditioning
Proper Relaxing
Information about the Chemicals used in Thermal Reconditioning Treatment
Chemicals and how they relate to your Color Client
The Profitability of Offering Thermal Reconditioning At Your Salon

The seminar cost is $1,500, which includes instructional package on Thermal Reconditioning as well as healthy black hair care (separately valued at $500.00). You must be a licensed hair stylist in order to attend the seminar. Lunch is included. At the seminar’s end, enjoy wine and refreshments with Gina and classmates. There’ll be no sales pitch to buy hair products.
Dear Stylist,

Are you interested in increasing your salon revenues and becoming a known expert in a billion-dollar industry? Although many stylists are struggling to make it in a tough economic climate, you can drastically increase your profit margin by expanding your specialty skills and knowledge within this Multi-Ethnic market.

Hair is Still a Top Priority for Ethnic Women

Women email and call Hair Salon Owner, Stylist and Thermal Reconditioning Expert Gina Rivera from all over the world asking her if she knows of a stylist in their area that cares about healthy Ethnic hair care or knows how to do Japanese Thermal Reconditioning on ethnic hair. Why? There are not a lot of salons that specialize in healthy hair care and Thermal Reconditioning of all textures. There is now a major demand for salons that know how to successfully perform Thermal Reconditioning. However, the Thermal Reconditioning companies do not have the experience to teach healthy hair care, which is necessary to master before doing Thermals on this range of hair texture. This is a particular need right now, in light of the fact that the majority of the United States population in the next five years will have textured hair.

Here is a sample of the email inquiries that I have received over several years:

“Can you recommend someone who can do this process in Orange County, CA?”

“I am a black female with fine thin hair. Have you trained anyone in the Chicago area, regarding the Thermal Reconditioning process? I can’t afford to fly to Connecticut or I would. Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

“My hair type is biracial. My mom is white and my dad is black . . . I go into Toronto [and] there are over 25 salons that offer [Thermal Reconditioning] but I’m not sure which one I should go to. Trust me, if you were closer, I would already made my mom drive me to your salon for a consultation but sadly you’re not. I was wondering if you could help me out because I don’t always want to relax and straighten my hair, the TR seems like a much healthier route for me.”

“Do you know if there is any trained hair stylist who could apply thermal reconditioning on coarse, African American hair in the Montreal or Toronto region?”

According to, studies show that Black women still flock to their hairdressers for routine maintenance, despite the recession. According to Global Report, African-Americans account for just 13 percent of the U.S. population. Yet they also account for 80 percent of hair-care sales in the United States. African-Americans spend three times more on hair-care than all other Americans combined. "Every woman wants to be beautiful no matter what color. But Black women have a special pride that includes taking care of their hair,” says Britney Adams, a Louisiana-based stylist.

What is Thermal Reconditioning?

Thermal Reconditioning is a Thio-based chemical procedure which uses heat to restructure the hair's protein bond, enabling those with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair to experience permanently straight hair while at the same time preserving the health and improving the feel, texture, softness, & shine, leaving the hair completely manageable.

Why should you offer Thermal Reconditioning to your clientele?

It is one of the best ways to expand into the booming healthy hair care market. Today, women have become more disenchanted with the damaging effects of sodium-hydroxide relaxers and are seeking another method of permanently straightening their hair while simultaneously achieving long, healthy hair. In addition, they are seeking a hair straightening method that will lessen the amount of hair processing time on a daily basis. Thermal Reconditioning is the perfect solution for women who want healthy, straight, manageable, gorgeous healthy hair.

In order to successfully execute a Thermal Reconditioning Treatment on a client, you must be trained by a certified stylist who knows how to do the treatment on ALL hair textures. Gina Rivera is one of very few stylists around the world who has mastered the Thermal Reconditioning Technique on coarse, tightly coiled ethnic hair.

Background on Gina Rivera: Educator, Stylist and Hair Consultant

Gina Rivera’s been a stylist since 1976 and the owner of Hair's Talent since 1986. During her career, she has worked with thousands of women with all kinds of hair textures, creating healthy, appealing and manageable styles. Gina developed a passion for styling textured hair early in her career, and has since achieved much success.

Through intensive lifelong training and study, Gina’s created innovative alternatives for clients with various hair textures. They no longer need weaves or wigs — they can just style with them for the fun of it. Nor do they need to keep using the chemicals that had previously damaged their hair.

In addition to her enormous following in the Northeast United States, women from all over the world have visited Gina for the superior results she consistently delivers. Whether visiting from the Caribbean Islands, Greece or all over the United States, Gina’s clients always return home 100 percent satisfied with their results.

If you sign up for one of Gina’s seminars, you will be training with one of the top coaches around the world on how to properly take care of Ethnic hair textures. Through her educational seminars, Gina will prepare stylists for a career in textured hair care and Japanese Thermal Reconditioning. In her friendly salon, you’ll join like-minded professionals to learn what works with textured hair. You’ll gain insider information on the needs, wants and concerns of a multicultural market. And you’ll enjoy lively discussions in a small class of 15 stylists. “I want to give stylists the skills they need to work with this hair texture and market,” says Gina. “As professionals, we can help women with textured hair achieve the healthy look they want.” After attending Gina’s seminar, you’ll feel confident saying “Yes, I can help you” to clients who want healthy hair and/or want the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning treatment. You’ll know how to deliver 100 percent satisfaction to new clients. “I would love to share all my tricks and time saving techniques that only 34 years of experience can teach you.”
So get to the seminar and start creating a large, loyal following of your own.

Can You Afford to Miss This Seminar?

Your success in learning to care for textured hair depends on your trainer’s knowledge and skill. To excel in textured hair care, you need a coach with unmatched expertise and a proven reputation. Gina Rivera’s seminar will help you take your career to a whole new level.

At Hair’s Talent, clients pay between $500-$1,000 for a Thermal Reconditioning treatment, depending on the condition and length of their hair. After approximately 5-7 months, clients come back to the salon for a “retouch,” which can range between $500 and $800. In between Thermal treatments, clients come into the salon for various other treatments offered, such as protein and moisturizing treatments (ranging between $50 and $100). Financially, you can drastically increase your profit margin by offering Thermal Reconditioning at your salon and performing it on all your clientele as well as expanding your market to include ALL ethnicities!

Reserve your seat today with a $500 nonrefundable PayPal deposit. A $1000 balance is due at the seminar and most major credit cards are accepted.
************Seminar Specials**********
For every additional paying stylist that you bring with you, you will receive $200.00 off your individual seminar cost.

If you are able to bring a hair model with you, you will receive $100.00 off your seminar cost. Note: You must call Gina Rivera at least 2 weeks prior to seminar in order to discuss the model’s hair so that the model is an ideal candidate for teaching purposes.
Time’s flying, the demand for this seminar is high, and we only allow 15 stylists per seminar in order to provide top-notch individual attention and training. Register now and get ready to boost your client base and income. Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Gina Rivera,
Hair’s Talent, LLC
30 Main St.
East Haven, CT 06512
Ask For Wendy
Salon: 203-466-1246
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