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How to do a test strand

How to do a test strand

Postby chris the limey » 22 Oct 2010 02:51 pm

These are taken before a full head tint, complete change of colour or whenever the hairdresser is unsure of the outcome of the tint through hair porosity, base shade, etc. It is simplest to take a small cutting of the client's hair when they book an appointment, so that the hair can be tested before the actual tint application is carried out. In the long term, a strand test can save a lot of unnecessary time and expense through choosing the wrong shade, peroxide strength, etc. It also gives the client a feeling of confidence, knowing that the hairdresser cares about them as an individual.

A test cutting will tell you the:
• final shade of colour
• strength of hydrogen peroxide necessary
• approximate development time
• durability of the hair i.e. breakage and tensile strength (stretching or elasticity)
• whether pre-bleaching or softening of the hair is necessary

To carry out the test:
1 Take a small cutting of the hair from the front or nape area. (If the hair is white in one area in particular, take a cutting from there also.)
2 Mix a small amount of the tint and peroxide to be used in a bowl.
3 Place the cutting in the tint. To keep the cutting together, bind the ends with a small piece of sellotape.
4 Await development.
5 When the tint has developed, rinse the hair and test for durability by pulling between the fingers.
6 Dry and assess the results.
7 Record the results, together with the test cutting on the client's record card as follows:
(a) tint and shade used
(b) strength of peroxide
(c) durability of the hair
(d) development time.
8 Discuss the effect and final result with the client.
chris the limey
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