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Getting the most from your hairdressing jobs ad
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Getting the most from your hairdressing jobs ad

No matter if you are looking for a salon manager, a hairdressing apprentice, have room for a receptionist or you are looking for a new hairdressing job for yourself, this page shows you the best way to do it.

Quick Start (3 Steps to Posting Your Hairdressing Jobs Ad)

It couldn't be easier to use our hairdressing jobs section to post your free hairdressing jobs ad.
  • Once you're logged in, you can press any of the red buttons on our hairdressing jobs page to be taken to the hairdressing jobs entry form. It's a pretty self-explanatory form, but we've included a breakdown of each area below if you wish to read it (see "Further Instructions").
  • Once you're happy with your ad, press "save" and your hairdressing job will be live on our system within minutes - viewable by over 5000 unique visitors every month! And all 100% FREE!

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Further Instructions

First register, then login.
Pretty easy so far, huh?

Select hairdressing jobs from the main menu, and you will see a button that says 'post a new ad'. Click this, and it will take you to the job posting form.

Really important read!
  • Make sure you use a valid email address, once you register the system will send you back a link to verify the account! (check your spam mail if it doesn't arrive in your inbox)
It's just for hairdressing jobs You can post any type of hairdressing job either offered or wanted, anywhere in the world. It is completely free to post ads, and we have no plans on making it any different.

Our hairdressing jobs are set up to allow people to see what is important straight away, if the ad is well laid out. So we provide you with a form to make things easier. Decribed below are the sections of the form, with a brief explanation of what each bit is for.

The Title
The title of your ad is one of the most important aspects. This holds the greatest weight when people are searching Google. If you are looking for a senior stylist go for a title like: Senior Stylist required in London, UK, TOP SALARY - This gives loads more chances to show up in Google rather than a bad classified ad title such as - Stylist - which has too little text for the search engines to work with. It also gives too little information for the people searching this site for jobs, and they might just skip past your hairdressing job advert.

Select the Category
Next we need to select the category for the advert, it is important to select the correct category, this again helps your ad receive the most exposure. You options will be Hairdressing Jobs Offered and Hairdressing Jobs Wanted. Select "Offered" if you have a hairdressing job vacancy. Select "Wanted" if you are a hairdresser looking for work.

The image field allows you to upload (up to 3 images). Simply hit 'Browse' find the image on your computer, select the image and hit 'open' or 'ok' depending on your computer. You can then select another image, when you see the text that says 'Add More Images'.

Adding images can help your AD get noticed on the site. For instance, if you are looking for work, you might want to upload some images of your hairdressing photos. If you are a salon owner, you might want to upload your logo or a photo of your salon interior etc.

There are 2 address fields that you should fill out to let users know whereabouts the job is. "Address 1" should contain your salon name and street address. "Address 2" should contain the county/state (e.g. Merseyside or Texas etc.

Post Code /Zip code
The post code field is pretty self explanatory. It is not a required field but is a good idea to put it in for people searching for ads by post code.

This is the part that allows you to put in the complete text about your hairdressing job vacancy/details, you can also use basic text formatting like 'Bold' 'Italic' 'Underline' and you can also add 'Bullet Points' and 'Numbered Lists' to add as much detail as you like about your position. Take your time, make it easy to read and remember to include details such as:
  • Hours
  • Salary
  • Experience required
  • What the work entails
  • Phone number
  • Details on how to apply
This is a required field. As HairdressingWorld.com advertises hairdressing jobs from around the world, you need to type in which country the job is located at here, e.g. UK or USA. It will be shown on the listings page and in the search feature to help job seekers narrow down their choices.

Show contact?
If you select "Yes", your email address that you used to register at the site will be visible to all users. If you select "No", you will need to make sure you include alternative ways of getting in touch, such as a phone number etc. in your Ad description.

Tags can add extra search information to the ad. They are not required, but they can help in gaining extra ad views, both here and in Google. Tags are comma separated for example - senior stylist, London, Your salon name, wella salon, excellent training

That's it!
When you're happy with your ad, click "Save" and it will be published to the site. At anytime, you can log back in to the site, and press the "edit" button next to your ad to change any of the details!

Good luck in finding your new staff or getting that dream hairdressing job!

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