Need opinions- using Wella Koleston Perfect

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Post subject : Need opinions- using Wella Koleston Perfect Hi , I am in need of your help ! :happy: I'm doing this girls hair which I have never met (long story-having a hair night with a group of friends) & by the pics shes shown me it looks like shes got level 6/7 (looks mousey brown)roots & coloured blonde ends , She will also want chunks of red through front . I have just gone to get the colour & the man reccommended me use Wella Koleston Perfect 12/11 I've never used it but he said it was really good- has anyone used this colour , whats your experience with it , also what peroxide do you mix it with (i'm thinking 30vol for this girl)& how long do you leave it on for ? 40mins ? Also with the red I'm not sure if i should use cherry bomb fudge or de lorenzo intense ruby red what do you think ?I know the delorenzo would prob last longer as fudge is a semi & comes out soooo quick ! just wanted to ask other hairdressers opinions , Thankyou !! Post by pixiebelle

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